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Starting winter
With the season now over and a couple weeks off towards the end of September after some baseline power testing, I am now in the full swing of things in terms of winter training. The weather, always something to consider in Winter, has been alright so far meaning that I have been able to head out on the road to do my long rides and intervals over this month which is something that I have found really fun. On the rest of the days of the week that I’m not riding outside, except for rest and recovery days, I use the indoor trainer to get my specific intervals done as a lot of riders also do over the Winter months.
       Over this past month, a gradual build up in hours and intensities of intervals has been going on, especially over the final week of September so that I didn’t push myself too much too soon, with a long Winter ahead. For about a month now however, my training has been consistent and laying a good base for next season and beyond. The main focus of this first m…

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